09/08/2010    ATS(20100908): CODE, EXE FILE
                          New features: 1.Add Car-following model && a related button and dialog (see Traffic Flow Models);
                                                2.Improve the code of O-D (see Traffic Demand);
                                                3.Add "Limited speed" on links in XML files;
                                                4.Move the output data into a folder;

    08/06/2010    ATS(20100806): CODE, EXE FILE
                          New features: 1.Really executable;
                                                2.G2Detector is designed to collect data;
                                                3.Time-varying demand;
                                                4.VDR model;
                                                5.Change random number by assigning different seed;
                                                6.Several bugs are fixed;
                                                7.Two sample networks;

    08/01/2010    Simulation scenario programs used in the paper submitted to 2011 TRB Annual meeting
                          New features: 1.A corridor with on-ramp (bottleneck);
                                                2.Time-varying demand (Non-homogeneous Poisson process);
                                                3.VDR model.